Starting out / disclaimer

When I first heard about the project in Chongqing, it grabbed me straight away. Here is a city of 10 million people (give or take) that most people in the UK have probably never heard of, let alone visited. I certainly hadn't, or so I thought until I realised that I had watched travel writer and presenter Simon Reeve visit the city and take the iconic cable car across the Yangtze in his BBC series Sacred Rivers.

I love visiting new and unusual places and so the opportunity to combine travel with my field of work - green building research - was something I couldn't turn down. In fact, I did turn down another great opportunity to do this, but more on academia vs industry some other time.

Because this is such a unique project, I felt it best to document my thoughts in a blog. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to put on here. Parts of the project are likely to be confidential/sensitive, so I think I'll just use this as a repository for my thoughts and photos. I'd like you to read it, so I'm going to try and make it entertaining. I'm no writer, so sorry in advance! In any case I hope you enjoy. Direct any questions, comments or abuse here.

Yangtze river cableway. Photo by Clément Belleudy.