Amersham, Andy's home town.

Amersham, Andy's home town.


Andy Acred is an environmental design engineer at international architectural practice Foster + Partners, a low-energy ventilation specialist, and a sustainable design researcher and advocate.

Having grown up in the green surroundings of the Chiltern Hills, near London, Andy has always been interested in making a positive contribution to a healthy and sustainable world. He aims to do this through his design work in the built environment, and also through research, teaching and outreach - sharing ideas with as wide an audience as possible.

As an undergraduate, Andy studied Engineering at Jesus College, Cambridge, graduating in 2009. He then moved to London, where he worked for a civil engineering consultancy for a year, before deciding to continue his studies with a Ph.D. at Imperial College London. His Ph.D, supervised by Professor Gary Hunt, focussed on developing simple design methods for low-energy naturally ventilated buildings.

After completing his Ph.D. In late 2014, Andy followed Gary's research group to Cambridge where he spent a year researching novel room conditioning strategies in collaboration with Dyson. He was also briefly involved in an ongoing international research project, led by Professor Alan Short, to propose costed, climate-resilient energy efficiency improvements to buildings across two major Chinese cities - Chongqing and Hangzhou. 

Andy has just moved back to London to join the specialist modelling group at Foster + Partners. He is also part of the CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group Committee, and is working on a new version of the AM10 passive ventilation guidance manual.

In his spare time, Andy is an active musician and plays in two bands: Death and the Penguin, and Groove Giants. He travels often, having most recently explored parts of Mexico and Scandinavia. You can read more on music, travel and green design on his blog.

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